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What We Mean by #FunnelFreedom
April 15, 2020

When shopping for marine oil, you typically just go with the oil you are used to buying, the brand that has the best reviews, or is the cheapest. Once you get the oil, you grab your old, dirty funnel and go down to your boat or powersport vehicle. As you begin replacing the oil, it starts spilling outside the oil port because the funnel doesn’t fit properly. Then, you try and clean it up, and oil is all over your hands, arms, and clothes. Shouldn’t there be an easier solution? Shouldn’t there be a less wasteful and less irritating way to change your marine and/or powersport oil? We have great news for you – there is! 

MAGNA1 has created a flexible and easy to use pouring spout that bends to fit any boat or powersport vehicle’s oil port seamlessly. Now, want to know the best part? Both our 4-stroke marine and powersport oil and our 2-stroke marine oil have these pouring spouts included with every canister we offer! There is no need to buy a pouring spout separately. Imagine the ease of getting ready to prepare your boat or dirt bike for the season, and all you have to grab is your Magna1 oil jug – no funnel required! 

Our “funnel-free” system not only makes changing your boat or dirt bike’s oil easier on you, but it also creates less waste. Due to the precision of our flexible pouring spout, you will never overfill, spill, or waste oil again. The Magna1 difference, in essence, is that we care. We care about making your boating and dirt biking experience enjoyable and stress-free by making the maintenance aspect seamless. We also care about your wallet! Our state of the art no-spill system keeps you from wasting oil, and it keeps you from having to go purchase more just because your old funnel doesn’t fit properly. And, as always, our oil is cheaper than the other guys.

Visit our website at to purchase the marine or powersport oil you need for the year. We have premium 4-stroke and 2-stroke oil to choose from for your boat, and we have three different 4-stroke oils to choose from for your powersport vehicle. All oil canisters include our flexible pouring spout! With free shipping on every order, you are sure to love the oil that lets you get back to doing what you love. Thank you for choosing MAGNA1!

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