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MAGNA1 is a proud sponsor of The University of Tennessee at Knoxville’s Bass Fishing Club. This club is a student organization that allows students to get involved on campus, get out in nature, get out on the water, and actively participate in one of their favorite hobbies, all at the same time. We power these young professionals’ fishing boats with premium quality oil so that they can enjoy what they set out to do without having to worry about faulty oil. 

According to the UT Bass Fishing Club’s Facebook page, in the 2013 -2014 season, the team “finished 6th in the nation out of more than 200 teams. (They) had multiple wins and top-level finishes in many regional and national tournaments. First-place finishes were recorded on Lake Seminole in southern Georgia, and the team found two winning bags in two different events on Kentucky Lake.” The team has participated in many tournaments that are sometimes televised, and they never fail to make Rocky Top proud. In 2012, they were ranked 7th in the Cabela’s ACA School of the Year Standings. 

These students are extremely talented and have a bright future ahead, and we are proud to sponsor such a great organization. We are passionate about helping young fishers and boaters, many of which are new boat owners, make the right decisions when it comes to the maintenance of their boats. Magna1 understands the overwhelming feeling you get when something ELSE needs to be fixed on your boat. However, when you choose Magna1’s top of the line marine oil, the quality, life, endurance, and performance of your oil are 4 things you never have to worry about again. We have a range of options (2-stroke and 4-stroke) depending on the type of boat you own. Plus, our unique and flexible pouring spout eliminates the need for a funnel and makes replacing the oil in your boat a breeze and waste-free. 

When you are overwhelmed with options of what brand marine oil to choose, go with MAGNA1. Boat owners always say they wish they had used MAGNA1’s marine oil their entire boating career. Less waste, more ease – that’s the MAGNA1 way. Purchase your oil directly from our website and we’ll ship it to you at no charge.

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