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Summer Solstice 2020
June 19, 2020

Luckily this year, the Summer Solstice lands on a Saturday, June 20th. This is a big deal for us at Magna1 because we love all things outdoors, which means you can spend the longest day of the year outside, all day. Take advantage of the longest day of the year by spending it the way that you want.

Spend Your Day on the Water

Find a boat, whether it’s yours or a friend’s, and hit the water. Spend the longest day of the year with your favorite people, on a boat with music, drinks, and all the summer vibes. Of course, at Magna1, we always encourage everyone to spend their days on a boat, but with the summer solstice, you almost don’t have a choice. With more prolonged sunshine, the entire day is yours to relax on the water or maybe not relax and fulfill your need for speed. We’ve got you covered with premium oil, so you have nothing to worry about for your boat day.

Find a Long Hike

With extra daylight, there is finally an excuse to go on that hike that might be a couple of miles longer than you can accomplish in one day. The best views seem to be higher up, so the solstice is a great time to climb higher and go to elevations you have not reached before.

Have a BBQ

Make your backyard the ultimate summer solstice spot and have a barbeque with friends and family. Grill hot dogs, make a slip n slide in your yard, and make summer drinks for all of the adults. 

Go Biking

Whether it’s a dirt bike or a street bike, take a ride on your long summer day and enjoy whatever scenery is in your area. Street bikes are great if you live in metropolitan areas, and dirt bikes are fantastic for rural areas. Of course, at Magna1, we always opt for the dirt bike and use our quality oil to increase the bike’s lifespan. 

At Magna1, all we want is for our customers to try to spend more time outside! The summer solstice is a great time to do this, and we hope you have a great time celebrating the longest day of the year. If you decide to spend your days on boats or bikes, visit our website and check out the oil we offer to help your favorite toys live their best summer life.

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