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The weather is warming up, and that means the boaters are preparing to set sail. Using this packing list, you are sure to enjoy a gorgeous and stress-free day on the lake. This list will help you not to forget anything important, and it will also help you remember to bring the things that contribute to making a day out on the boat as fun and relaxing as it should always be.

  1. Drinks
    Pack lots of water bottles to ensure everyone on the boat has plenty to drink to stay properly hydrated. In addition to water, pack some sodas and/or adult beverages. It’s a lake day, let loose and have some fun!
  2. Cooler
    Pack up your water and drinks into a cooler. Pour lots of ice over the drinks to make sure everything stays ice cold. Leave a little extra room for the snacks that will need to be kept cold.
  3. Snacks
    Whether you are hitting the lake with family or friends, get a feel for what everyone likes to snack on. If you have too picky of a crowd, chips and salsa, potato chips, trail mix, chopped fruit, and crackers are always good and sufficient options for the boat. If you are planning on being on the lake for several hours and you need meal ideas, chicken salad, tuna salad, and pimento cheese are all crowd-pleasers between two slices of bread.
  4. Sunscreen
    We cannot emphasize this one enough. Don’t forget your sunscreen! We all know too well that a day on the lake without sunscreen can result in an oh so painful following week. Reapply your sunscreen every two hours, and each time you get back in the boat from being in the water.
  5. Extra Clothes and Shoes
    It can never hurt to bring a change of clothes and shoes just in case your clothes get soaked – believe us, it happens. Leave your dry clothes and shoes in the car so you won’t feel icky and soggy the whole ride home.
  6. Trash Bag/Can
    Forgetting a trash bag can leave your boat in a mess, or in some cases, the lake. Never throw your trash in the lake because it is terrible for marine wildlife and for the environment. Bringing a trash bag will eliminate both of these problems, and it will be super easy to carry off the boat!

There will always be miscellaneous items needed because you never know what can happen. It’s never a bad idea to pack several towels, cheap sunglasses, hair ties, games, toilet paper, or a first aid kit! But most importantly, make sure your boat has top of the line marine oil to efficiently power your boat for your summer lake days. Visit to explore the varieties of oils we offer. Happy Summer!

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