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It’s Racing Time in Tennessee
August 24, 2020

Motorsports can be very competitive, and flat track racing is huge in East Tennessee. Race Tennessee is a motorsports promoter offering exciting events for all ages. Their racing series welcomes all levels for riders from beginners to vets. Now through October, there are multiple races you can sign up for in East Tennessee. 

You can choose to race with your ATV or your motorcycle. Classes range from ATV Stock ages 4 to 6 to college boy ATV racing to Pro ATV races. Motorcycle racing has many classes also. Race TN offers motorcycle racing from age 4 to 6 to pit bike racing to hooligan motorcycle racing with dirt track tires. Pretty much if you enjoy motorsports, there is a class for you to race.

Of course, since there is still a pandemic going on during these races, a few strict guidelines are being enforced. The rules are not too extreme, but they ask to bring exact change only for admission, sign up for all fees, including membership, as well as bring your own pen to sign up. Wearing a mask when you are around others is also encouraged. Remaining 6 feet apart from everyone outside of your family and team pit is also being enforced. Even though there are extra precautions, the energy will still be high for racing.

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We encourage you to sign up for races and show off your motorsport skills, whether it’s whipping around in your motorcycle or riding dirty in your ATV. With Magna1, we know you’ll pass the finish line in no time. Visit our website for more information on our premium fuel. 

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