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How MAGNA1 Does Fourth of July
July 4, 2020

Fourth of July is all about celebrating independence and freedom, which is something we take very seriously. At MAGNA1, on the Fourth of July, we celebrate #FunnelFreedom. When getting your boat or dirt bike prepped for your Fourth of July celebration, all you have to do is grab your MAGNA1 oil jug – no extra funnel needed, we include it for you. 

The best way to spend this holiday is by spending it outside with some good weather and good company. We recommend taking your boat out on the water and hanging an American flag on the back showing off that USA pride. Boat maintenance can be a pain, and that’s why you need your funnel freedom. Our “funnel-free” system makes changing your boat’s oil easier while creating less waste. Our flexible and easy to use pouring spout that bends to fit your boat oil port seamlessly will make your Fourth of July (and every day) stress-free.

But why stop at just boating on your holiday weekend? Power up the jet ski or dirt bike and feel the wind speeding behind you. That is the real feeling of freedom. Hitting the backroads with your dirt bike is another fun option for your Fourth of July weekend. Getting an adventurous bike ride is a great way to get some alone time while also enjoying everything nature has to offer. Our 4-stroke oils are perfect for your Powersports, and we have three different powersport oils to choose from

We want to make sure you do your Fourth of July right, and you can only do that with the right oil. Visit our website to purchase the marine or powersport oil you need for the year. We have premium 4-stroke and 2-stroke oil to choose from for your boat, and we have three different 4-stroke oils to choose from for your powersport vehicle. All oil canisters include our flexible pouring spout! With our premium oil, no spilling philosophy, you are sure to love the oil that lets you return to doing what you love. Thank you for choosing MAGNA1!

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