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Ending Summer the Right Way This Labor Day Weekend
September 4, 2020

Every year, the end of summer is noted in the form of Labor Day. Labor Day marks the beginning of the school year and it comes with the sense that summer vacation is over. This is the time to take advantage of the long weekend and get your last fill of Magna1’s favorite season. Time to pack your white clothes and sunblock for whatever weekend getaway you choose for the long weekend. Here are a few ways the team at Magna1 thinks you should celebrate.

Take the Boat Out

This is the last long weekend to relax on the water before cold weather comes in. Grab your family and friends, and have a fabulous boat weekend just one last time. Whether its water sports on the back or just laying out and getting some sun, the long weekend can be whatever you want it to be. 

ATV on Back Roads

ATVs can be a lot of fun to enjoy nature and drive through areas a car usually can’t go through. Taking your ATV on back roads and checking out your state’s natural beauty is a fun and adventurous activity for Labor Day weekend. Please make sure you are safe and wear helmets and seatbelts, of course, and use our premier Magna1 fuel to get your ATV ready to roll. 

Race on Jet Skis

If you’re more into being competitive and racing for that adrenaline high, then jumping on jet skis and racing some friends is a great way to celebrate the end of summer! Jet skis give a tremendous adrenaline rush when you’re pushing 40 or 50 out on the water. Our premiere Magna1 fuel will get that engine ready for speed. 

Spend a Day Fishing

Sometimes a nice and quiet fishing weekend is all you need. Whether it’s sitting on a dock with your fishing pole or going out on a fishing boat, this is a great way to spend the last weekend of summer. Whatever fishing means to you, just make sure you take full advantage of it. 

At Magna1, we encourage everyone to take advantage of the last weekend of summer and get outside! Labor Day is a great time to do this, and we hope you have a great time celebrating the long weekend. Head to our website to prepare for the long weekend with our Magna1 oil. 

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