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4 Different Types of Boats
May 25, 2020

Boating season is here, so let’s talk about all-things-boats. Here are four popular types of boats and their purposes, descriptions, and more!

1. Fishing Boat

Fishing boats are most commonly used for – you guessed it – fishing. These boats are built differently depending on what type of water they are meant to be on. For example, a saltwater fishing boat would look slightly different from a freshwater boat that would be meant for ponds, lakes, and rivers. Even the freshwater fishing boats can have some differences depending on the body of water they’re meant for. Most commonly in East Tennessee, we see fishing boats out on the Tennessee River. Powered fishing boats could definitely benefit from our premium marine oil. 

2. Bowrider Boat

This boat is great to take out on the water with friends and family. It usually seats up to eight people, and it is powered by an engine so there is no intense rowing necessary. This boat is shaped like a “V” to give the boat an upper hand on the wind. It is often also used in watersports and other recreational activities.

3. Cuddy Cabin Boat

This boat is one of the most versatile boats in its class. Its shape, size, and structure allow for a wide variety of activities to be performed from or within the boat. People frequently use this boat for fishing, watersports, and even leisurely sailing! If you love being on the water for lots of different reasons, this may be just the boat for you.

4. Motor Yacht Boat

Ahh… the luxury. We know these boats aren’t very common in East Tennessee, but they are too fun not to talk about. Yachts are a great boat for a vacation on the water. They sometimes have a double engine that runs on diesel fuel which allows for a very long run-time out on the water. That is why it is so easy for yacht owners/renters to camp out on the ocean or lake all day or even all weekend long. 

In order to properly maintain and care for your boat, you need top of the line marine oil to keep your engine in tip-top shape. Visit our website to place your order for your marine oil. We carry 2-stroke and 4-stroke oils, so your boat can have exactly what it needs. Have fun, and be safe out on the water this season!

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